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The Winter Olympic Games 2014 was a great event in sportive, cultural and political life of Russia in the beginning of 21st century. The Games have been viewed as a reflection of strengthening Russian State and its ability to implement large infrastructure projects. Those Olympic Games were an epic success for the Olympic Team which was first in the total number of won medals.

It was the second time that the Olympic Games took place on the territory of Russia, after the famous 1980 Olympics, which were held in Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union (that was how Russia was called then).
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The Russian Government invested huge resources, financial, material and political, in the process of bidding for the right to host the 2014 Winter Games. High level officials, world-famous sport personalities and hard-working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) were meant to deliver the message that Russia is taking this opprtunity quite seriously.


The preparation to Winter Games 2014 began immediately after the announcement by the IOC that Sochi had won the bidding process. At the very top level of the Government, decisions were made to allocate required financial, human and administrative resources to make the city of Sochi a state-of-the-art sport center and world-class tourist resort.


Leading global companies with long-term experience in sponsoring and supporting Olympic Games and Olympic Movement across the world were invited to become partners and provide assistance in the preparation and conduct of the Games. The best world's knowledge and expertise in so many areas, from water cleaning and energy saving to payment processing and IT technologies were used.

Media Coverage

Coverage and propagation of the Olympic Games themselves, along with the process of bidding, preparation and construction of Olympic objects were deemed as a key objective. In order to achieve this, global and national companies and media were brought in to pour light on the developments during the preparatory stage, and in the course of the Games. To facilitate the work, a Media Center was built in Sochi.
Sochi citizens celebrate the winning

Opening Ceremony

The amazingly elaborate and colorful Opening Ceremony in the Sochi 2014 Games was a symbol of a successful work during the preparatory phase. The ceremony was designed to demonstrate the best Russia can boast in terms of its multi-ethnic culture and thousands years of history.


The Olympic Games have become an arena where national teams from 88 countries which is six countries more than any preceding Games ever. The national teams were attempting to contest in 15 sportive disciplines for 295 medals.